Leadership Excellence

Develop leadership skills that help you establish, operationalize and sustain values and vision

A leader is far more than a label – leadership is about taking actions to create sustained, positive transformations within an organization. Great leaders align their own values and vision with those of their business and help operationalize them for the future. The most meaningful way to demonstrate these skills is to passionately communicate your shared vision and practice what your company stands for. Leaders also cultivate committed employees who strive to lead as well.

Kvell Skill School offers leadership development through a time-tested approach that demonstrates the values and behaviors of exemplary leaders. Leaders who intentionally nurture an environment of mutual trust and respect find that they create stronger employee performance, exceptional customer service and ultimately greater business results. Connecting great leadership to improved performance is just one of the ways that Kvell Skill School helps organizations reimagine their results.

What You Will Learn:

  • Adapt time-tested Kvell business insights to assess and improve your organization.
  • Identify the personal and organizational values that drive you as a leader to carry out your organization's vision.
  • Establish an alignment of personal values and organizational values to enthusiastically support your organization’s vision.
  • Understand a leader’s values-infused role in operationalizing culture-building and team support.
  • Develop strategies to sustain your organization’s values and vision during turbulent times as well as good times.
  • Build your own personal legacy as a leader.

Who Should Attend

Kvell insights and illustrations are beneficial to any leader, particularly those new to their role, interested in achieving leadership excellence through a personal journey that explores values alignment, communication strategies, and sustainment tools.

Course Details

Leaders are more than titles such as manager, supervisor, or even CEO. Leaders take action. The long-term success of Kvell is a direct result of exceptional leaders who took action when needed. In this course you will discover your personal leadership strengths and how your values impact, relate, and communicate within the values and vision of your organization.

Aligning your personal values with those of the organization is critical. If not aligned, your leadership may not be compatible with the values and vision of your organization resulting in decreased business results. By proactively aligning your behaviors with the values of your organization, you are establishing values and vision as a leader. You will learn how values are proactively established, and the part they play in aligning values and vision within an organization.

Leaders must model the values that will contribute to the vibrancy of an organization. This is a critical part of your personal leadership journey. Additionally, by deliberately infusing the organization’s culture into aspects of recruiting, hiring, and training, exceptional leaders reinforce the values and vision of the organization. You will learn the importance of effective communication for building healthy teams and the building blocks necessary to infuse cultural values into human resource processes.

Make no mistake: Your organization’s values are vulnerable. In fact, if not protected, they will erode over time, and can threaten the entire organization and its future. At Kvell, we believe that everyone is a leader. By proactively developing the next generation of leaders, we pass on the values that keep the organization’s vision expanding. You will learn to recognize when your values are most at risk and how to preserve them through both comfortable and difficult times.

You will, no matter what, leave a leadership legacy. The question is: What kind do you want to leave? What kind of influence do you want to have on others after you’ve moved on? If you want to ensure it will have a long-lasting, positive impact on your organization as a whole, start thinking about your legacy today. You will learn what leaving an intentional legacy means, experience opportunities to reflect, and begin to refine your leadership legacy.